Overview of the Slot Machine Diamond Symphony DoubleMax

The DoubleMax mechanism is starting to gain traction among players. Yggdrasil Gaming, its inventor, has made a number of additions and spinoffs, and a number of other studios have adopted it as their own. Bulletproof Games, a service provider located in the United Kingdom, is also exploring DoubleMax. It gave birth to Diamond Symphony DoubleMax, a musically-themed slot with all the standard DoubleMax features plus a few additions.

DoubleMax has previously appeared in games with themes as varied as piracy, dinosaurs, Egypt, Christmas, and the Irish, but this is the first time it has had such a clear emphasis on music. However, Bulletproof Gaming’s neon aesthetic isn’t a million miles removed from Neon Villains DoubleMax, a prior game by Yggdrasil Gaming. A serviceable game that didn’t exactly create waves. Diamond Symphony DoubleMax, although being highly exceptional, does not share that distinction. The question of whether or not Diamond Symphony DoubleMax’s novelty will be widely appreciated remains open, but if you enjoy things that are neon-charged and raucous, it may be perfect for you.

Diamond Symphony DoubleMax is a medium-high volatility game that generates an RTP of 96% by default (but lesser models are available as well). Players have the option of using Encore Mode, and the betting range may be anything from 20 p/c to £/€100. Engage Mode doubles the bet by 50%, but more than doubles the probability of triggering free spins. Alternatively, you may pay 100x the wager for 7-15 free spins, or 200x the bet for 12-15 free spins, to purchase them outright.

You may win from 3 to 5 of a kind in Diamond Symphony DoubleMax, which is played out on a 5-reel, 3-row, 20-payline game panel. Diamond Symphony DoubleMax’s payout structure includes four different types of musical notes and a treble clef, each of which is worth 1-2 times the wager for 5 OAK, and then the saxophone, cello, piano, and diamond, each of which is worth 2.5-10 times the wager for 5 OAK. The conductor is the wild symbol, and he or she can show up on any of the reels. Wilds can be used in place of other pay symbols, and they are worth as much as the diamond on their own.

Features of the Slot Machine Diamond Symphony DoubleMax

Deconstructing this concerto reveals its component pieces to be the Cascade+, the DoubleMax, the free spins trail, the free spins, and a free spins gamble.


Once payouts have been made, the winning symbols will “pop” off the board, and the symbols above them will “drop down” to take their place. However, before the drop happens, a wild sign is substituted for one of the popping symbols. In the event of a subsequent win, the cycle will begin again.


If there is another cascade after a pop, the DoubleMax multiplier will be applied at its new, increased value. Every time you play the base game, the DoubleMax multiplier starts over at 1.

Wild Spins Scenario

Pops also move the free spins trail up a level to indicate players how close they are to triggering free games. If you land in position 5, 6, 7, or 8 in the main game, you’ll receive 7, 10, 12, or 15 free spins, accordingly. The free spins streak starts over after each paid spin. Positions 3 and 4 are designated as Encore settings if the Encore mode is activated. In the event that the trail concludes at one of these locations, a respin is granted. If you land on the second Encore, you could get another spin.

No Risk Turns

Once the free spins trail has illuminated one of the free spins places and no additional pops have occurred, the bonus round will begin. Before the free spins begin, the player may have the option to risk their winnings for an additional set of free spins (up to a maximum of 15), or to take their money and go. Free spins can be retriggered from the free spins trail, and the DoubleMax stays in effect during the bonus round.

Slot Review: Diamond Symphony DoubleMax

From a technological standpoint, Diamond Symphony DoubleMax doesn’t do anything that hasn’t already been done in other DoubleMax games. Diamond Symphony DoubleMax operates similarly to the rest, despite the fact that Bulletproof Games (or Yggdrasil Gaming) has given the technique a new moniker (Cascade+). The free spins trail, however, provides an additional entry point for the free spins bonus. It clears the way for the usage of Encore Mode, which may speed up the transition from the main game to the bonus round. There are, of course, no assurances.

Diamond Symphony DoubleMax is mostly the same as the original, which is not a bad thing. Make successful combos, insert a wild card, increase your DoubleMax multiplier, and try again. Because the multiplier stays in effect even after the free spins have ended, this may be a very effective strategy, especially in the bonus round. Past DoubleMax games, particularly the pioneering Raptor DoubleMax, have yielded phenomenal outcomes. No technological reason prevents the same from happening with Diamond Symphony DoubleMax, which also offers a maximum prize of 20,000x the stake if chance is on the side of lucky gamers.

Diamond Symphony DoubleMax’s theme seems like it may be the deciding element, even when the newer (for DoubleMax) parts are taken into account. If the thought of a symphony set in a neon 80s world intrigues you, Diamond Symphony DoubleMax may sound like a cross between Yanni and Falco. Otherwise, you could find that Diamond Symphony DoubleMax smells like Jägerbombs and desperation and feels like the only cocktail lounge/classical music place open at 4:30 in the morning.

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